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        Kairui Medical Device Co.,Ltd.Create more diversified and humanized products and services

        Oklead Auto Parts

         ZHEJIANG OKLEAD AUTO PARTS CO., LTD is a professional manufacturer of car & motorcycle anti-theft locks.
             The first piece of car lock is made in 1985. Up to now, we have developed more than 100 models of car locks and more than 50 models of motorcycle locks. The factory area is 6800m2. Our annual output of lock is over 3 million pieces. We keep developing new, improved and stronger models for market. We have good technical team as support.

        Our car anti-theft lock includes many different types: steering wheel lock, steering-pedal lock, pedal lock, gear shift lock, tire lock, spare tire lock, trailer lock, door lock etc. Motorcycle lock includes disk lock, front fork lock, U-lock, cable lock etc.
        Most of lock parts are produced by ourselves now, including lock key and cylinder, This is a important guarantee for quality products. We test every lock before delivery. We have strict quality control system to guarantee every lock works properly.
         We always supply best quality products for all the customers. More than 95% of our products are exported all over the world. Asia, North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa are our main markets.
        Our aim is to build a more safe world!


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